The Offshore Quintet

Offshore Quintett

The Offshore Quintet was founded in 2009 by students/alumni of the Cologne music school Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. Their repertoire is made up entirely of original compositions tuned specifically to the uncommon line-up comprising saxophone, vibraphone, and piano. Their well-rehearsed interplay creates ample room for experiments and individual interpretations. This combination gives rise to a unique yet multifaceted style of contemporary jazz ranging from rhythmically complex to mainly melodical pieces.

The Offshore Quintet played at numerous international jazz festivals such as the Bayerisches Jazz Weekend in Regensburg, the Jazzfestival Burghausen, the Kölner Musiknacht and the WDR Jazzfest in Cologne. They were awarded the festival prize of the Startbahn Jazz Straubing in 2010 and the Convento Jazz Preis in 2011. Furthermore, they were a finalist for the European Young Artists' Jazz Award Burghausen 2011, where their vibraphone player Dierk Peters also received a special soloist award. Offshore's first CD Côte De Cologne was released in the JAZZTHING Next Generation line in February 2013,